The first workshop on Traditional Sciences in Asia in Kyoto aims to promote an in-depth dialogue between historians and scientists through a mixture of keynote lectures, panel sessions and a guided visit to sites of historical interest in the study of history of astronomy. Kyoto has been one of the notable centers of astronomical observation for centuries, and Kyoto University has been known for its research in the history of science. This workshop will be the first step to deepen our understanding of the universe through sustained dialogues and collaboration between humanities and sciences.


The workshop is jointly organized by three institutions at Kyoto University: the Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, the Unit of Synergetic Studies for Space and the Institute for Research in Humanities, all known for their excellence in interdisciplinary research. The workshop is planned in conjunction with a double panel session organized by Assoc. Prof. Bill Mak of Kyoto University and Prof. Cynthea Bogel of Kyushu University at the Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ) in Tokyo, June 20-21, 2015. The double panel session entitled “Overlapping Cosmologies and Cosmographies in Pre-Modern Asia” examines the multifaceted nature of the astral science and the conception and representation of the cosmos in various parts of Asia.

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